BSc (Hons) Complementary Therapies 

MTI Practitioner Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 

ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology 

IFPA Diploma in Aromatherapy

Level 5 Diploma Sports and Remedial Massage 

Member of Association of Reflexologists, Federation of Holistic Therapists and Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage

A little bit about me

A few years ago, during a period of ill health, I was left feeling disappointed with the healthcare offered to me by my GP. It started me questioning whether there were other options available to me. I started receiving complementary therapies for my own health and was amazed by the improvement to my health and more importantly, my overall well-being. This is when my interest in complementary therapies began.

I completed the BSc (Hons) Complementary Therapies programme at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in May 2012. The three year course integrated massage, aromatherapy and reflexology with biological and social sciences and research methods. In that time I spent a term working at a school for children with cerebral palsy and other health needs. It was here I saw the huge benefit in combining complementary and conventional approaches to healthcare. Many of the children required round the clock medication to keep them alive which often had side effects and at times was distressing for them. It was here where most benefit was found for example using aromatherapy inhalations to help with nausea and anxiety, abdomen massage to help relieve constipation and massage to relieve painful joints, muscle spasms and for pure relaxation.

Conventional and complementary therapies should and can work together in harmony, complementing each other. This has quite simply become my passion and I so dearly want more people to experience the many benefits the treatments can bring. I will never at any stage suggest stopping medication or seeing your GP, however taking time out to restore the body and improve function can go along way to support mental and physical well-being. My goal is to help you find a healthier and happier you.