Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports and remedial massage is not just for the sporty amongst us. People who work long hours sat at a desk or driving a car or those carrying out repetitive movements on a building site or whilst gardening for example are just as likely to have muscular problems.

Massage can be used to treat pain, injuries, poor posture, muscle tightness, scar tissue and poor flexibility, as well as for those who have a problem following exercise or sport.

Hands on techniques such as posture assessment, soft tissue release, trigger points, muscle energy, stretching, deep tissue and general massage are all incorporated into the treatment and also the management of the musculoskeletal system.

Although the techniques can be very deep and at times uncomfortable I will always work with you and your pain levels. My aimis to make the treatment as relaxing as possible whilst making sure we are being effective. Many clients find the whole experience very useful to help them unwind.

Treatments vary from person to person and the type of presenting problem. It is highly likely that more than one treatment will be necessary especially for long-term or chronic problems. During the first session a detailed history of the problem or injury willbe taken to enable me to understand the source of the problem.

Read our FAQ for more information about what to expect when you have a treatment

sports and remedial massage

"The massages I have had following a bad fall and treatment from a chiropractor here have helped stretch and strengthen my muscles, enabling me to move more easily, walk much better and given me an overall feeling of wellbeing."

E Nicholls, Evesham